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  • Product name: DPM-3
  • Product number: DPM-3
  • Added time: 2016-03-25
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Product Name:  Multifunction display controller

Product Model: DPM-3


1, Outline of DPM-3:

DPM-3 remote display controller is AMG TECH specifically designs for LGD series laser diameter gauge, which supports the use of intelligent display control system. DPM-3 is Built-in AMG TECH proprietary PID control algorithm. It is suitable for single axis and dual axis laser diameter gauge.



2, DPM-3 the main functions and features:

1)To provide remote synchronous display with laser diameter gauge. DPM-3 can be freely installed at any position or the monitoring room, DPM-3 is convenient for remote reading and monitoring. The maximum connection distance is 500 meters from laser diameter gauge to DPM-3.


2)Provide remote synchronous display and intelligent control system. Intelligent control system is based on the production line in real time the measured value and the nominal value difference to micro-control production lines. Such as controlling Extruders host speed; controlling the production line speed; gas control valve etc. it let real-time measurement value close to the nominal value, i.e. to achieve automatic control of the outer diameter. Control signal output is an analog voltage.


3Features of DPM-3: 

1)DPM-3 design beautiful, function is powerfully, DPM-3 displayer can completely replace laser diameter gauge local displayer, complete the various parameter settings.(Customer can also customize various special requirements, such as: Roundness value display, ovality value display, beating value display etc.)

2)Customers according to their needs to set the control signal output. Display panel has the positive and negative voltage output indicator, it’s intuitive and convenient display control output size, whether saturation or not.

3)Display mode: DPM-3 work with single axis diameter gauge, first row display real time measured value, second row lower display the nominal value or the deviation value (switch able). DPM-3 work with dual axis diameter gauge, first row display X axis or average value, second row display the Y axis value. Or first row display the average value, second row display the nominal value or the deviation value (switch able). Display through the SHIFT key to change.


4, DPM-3 Control output explaining: 

The control function is the use of PID algorithm (calculus and proportion algorithms). Algorithm based on the real time measurement value and the nominal value deviation, the production line speed, the distance between extruder and laser diameter gauge etc, to calculate the output voltage is integrated. Output voltage control of the extruder or control line speed.


5, DPM-3 Main applications:

DPM-3 is mainly used to laser diameter gauge LGD-25, LGD-25XY, LGD-60, LGD-100.


6DPM-3 Multifunction display controller specification:


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