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  • Product name: DPM-1
  • Product number: DPM-1
  • Added time: 2016-03-25
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Simple brief:

DPM-1 is designed for LGD series gauge. It has PID auto-Control (Extruder Rotation Control or Capstan/ Line-speed control).


Product Brief:

DPM-1 Series displaying controller is designed for LGD series laser diameter measurement gauge which control system use intelligent display and control. It has PID auto-Control (Extruder Rotation Control or Capstan/ Line-speed control).

DPM-1 contain remote synchronization function, it’s freely installed in the production line any position or control room to facilitate long distance reading and monitoring. The maximum connection distance is 1000 meters.


DPM-1 remote synchronization and intelligent control system, according to the deviation between the real time measured value and the target value of the production line to control Extruder screw speed or control the speed of the motor, the actual diameter as close as possible to the target value, namely the outer diameter the automatic control. Outputs a control signal to an analog voltage.


DPM-1 Application:

DPM-1 is mainly connects to the products LGD-25, LGD-60, LGD-100, LGD-02, LGD-05, etc.


DPM-1-specific parameters:

Panel: 5 LED digits, Various indicator, control button.

Display: 5 LED display.

Power supply: 100-245VAC, 50-60 Hz.

Connection port:  deviation alarm output, control signal output.

DPM-1 Dimensions: 100mm * 97mm * 48mm.

Mounting holes: 42mm * 92mm.

Net Weight: 0.2kg.


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