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  • Product name: Blow dry blower
  • Product number: Blow dry blower
  • Added time: 2016-04-11
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Introduce the principle: Mainly used in wire or pipe production lines, the production process, wire or tube surface moisture. By blow dryers, suction and blowing simultaneously removing the wire or pipe surface water, so that the wire surface is dry.
How it works: the centrifuge work, outlet to blow air intake of suction, pipetting simultaneously.




1. Blow dry fan
2. Model: SM-1035
3. Power 220~240V (14A) or 380~480V (8A), 3-phase, 60 Hz
4. The maximum motor displacement 6.1㎥ / min
5. Maximum output 5300mmAq
6. conventional output 3000mmAq
7. Power output 3.7KW
8. The humidity control CAPA. 600mpm (maximum)
9. Dimensions: 600 * 1265 * 645 mm
10. Product Weight: about 80Kg





Over the type of trunking

(1) V, model: V12. V-shaped bottom, suitable for diameter 12 mm in diameter and below water



2) U, model: U18. U-shaped bottom, suitable for diameter 18 mm diameter and below water.


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