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  • Product name: LSP-0110 (0.1-6.0mm) Hand Holder Laser measuring instrument
  • Product number: LSP-0110 Portable gauge
  • Added time: 2016-03-28
  • Retail price:

Product Name: laser measuring instrument
Model: LSP-0110

1, LSP-0110 Short Description
Optical scanning of the measurement, the non-contact measurement of the diameter of the object. Suitable for fine wire mobile measurement and monitoring, and quality testing. Instrument is portable, weighs only 0.85 kg, very easy to move, shop for inspection. High precision measurement instrument, millionth of a millimeter display resolution. Instruments with external access interface, can communicate with the computer.


Product Model:


Product Type

Type  A

Type  B

Type  C

Measuring range: mm




Display resolution: mm




Measurement accuracy: mm



0.1-3.0 Accuracy is ±0.0005mm

3.0-6.0 Accuracy is±0.001mm



2, the instrument works:
See below, the semiconductor laser "a" laser beam is emitted by motor "c" drive eight prism "b" high-speed rotation, a laser beam is scanned through the prism "d" is converted to parallel light through the test area (GATE), when the test District analyte "e" when it will be blocking part of parallel light, and by focusing prism "f" is converted into a low level on the photoelectric receiving tube; without analyte shaded parallel light is converted to a high level, low level by calculating the scan time can be calculated from the measured value outside diameter of the laser beam scanning direction, width or thickness values.



3, LSP-0110 Product specifications:
Model: LSP-0110
Measuring range: 0.1 mm 8.00 mm
Resolution: 0.001 mm mm
Accuracy: mm ± 0.0005 mm
How it works: non-contact laser scanning
Measurement Accessories: must be equipped with guide wheel and bracket, width and thickness measurement requires a U-shaped guide wheel positioning.
Light source: the second-generation visible laser wavelength of 650 nm
Display: 6-digit number with LCD display, including display, power display, work status display. Display panel containing LED backlighting.
Display frequency: standard 0.2 seconds / time
Scanning speed: 1200 times / sec
Signal output: Support
Data acquisition and analysis: support (need for an external PC and with the software)
Data collection: support (inside the instrument can store data 100)
Data downloaded or printed: support data download, you need to configure the software,
Data printing support, you need to configure the company specializes in printer.
Power supply: 100V to 250V AC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Rechargeable battery: equipped super lithium battery, charge off about 2 hours can be filled
Battery: can work for 10 hours of continuous use for about a week to recharge the batteries inspection
Power Consumption: watts less than 15 watts
Ambient Temperature: 5 ~ 45 ℃
Humidity: 35-85% (non-condensing)
Environmental requirements: non-corrosive gases in the air, severe oil, steam and dust.
Product Weight: 0.85 kg kg
Product size: 330 * 78 mm * 59 mm
Product protection: The machine adopts dustproof and waterproof protection (but can not be immersed into water)
Communication Interface: The instrument uses RS485 communication interface, communication protocol can be accessed from the company printer, PC or PLC and other peripherals.


4, LSP-0110 Product Features:
 is portable and modular design, design, small size, light weight, only 0.85 kg.
 with super lithium battery, charging time is short, after charging more than 10 hours of continuous work.
 instrument for easy mobility, ideal for workshop inspection.
 laser scanning technology, high-precision measurements.
 instrument itself is equipped with data storage function, the instrument has RS485 communication interface can be connected computer.
 stray light smoke from outside influence measurement stability.


5, LSP-0110 Application: suitable for the following industries diameter measurement, the width of the thickness measurements, ovality measurement.
 wire industry: measuring wire, copper wire measurements. Nylon wire, plastic wire, textile line measurement.
 cutting line industry: cutting line measurement.
 micro-drawing industry: micro-drawing, measuring tungsten, molybdenum wire measurement and so on.
 Fiber Industry: Fiber measurements, a transparency measure.
 high-end electronic cable industry: Audio Video Cable industry.
 Others: online measurement, quality testing, and other special measurements.


6, LSP-0110 Product Image


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