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  • Product number: LGP-0510
  • Added time: 2016-04-19
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Portable Laser scan micrometer

Model LGP-0510


1, Outline of LGP-0510:

Product use optical scanning measurement method, Non-contact measurement method measures the objects of diameter, width and thickness, ovality. Instruments use portable design, weight is 1.6 kg only, it’s very convenient to move, suitable plant inspection. Product is suitable for wire on-line measurement and monitoring, high-precision rods measurement, PCB drill or cutter quality inspection, material classification etc. Instrument has external access interface can be accessed PLC or computer.

2, Principle of measurement,

The laser beam emitted from the semi-conductive laser “a” is deflected by the fast rotating octoangular prism “b” driven by the motor “c”. After scanning and passing the lens “d”, the beam becomes a beam of parallel light running through the measurement zone (gate). If the object to be measured “e” is located in the gate, it will block part of the parallel light. After the parallel light is transmitted through the focusing lens “f”, the blocked part will be transformed into a low level electric signal while the unblocked part will be transformed into a high level electric signal by the photoelectric tube “g”. The outer diameter of the tested object in the direction of the scanning light may be calculated from the scanning time of the low-level electric signal.

3LGP-0510 Product specification:

Product Model:



Measuring range: mm

0.100 to 8.0 mm

0.100 to 5.0 mm

Display resolution: mm



Measurement accuracy: mm

+/- 0.001mm

+/- 0.0005mm

Working principle:

Non-contact laser scanning method

Accessories requirement:

Guide roller or V groove is required

Light source:

Visible Laser Diode Class 2, wave is 650 nm

Display method:

Use LCD display, include five numerical display, battery indicator, working status display. LED backlight.

Display frequency:

0.2 time/ second  (adjustable)

Scanning speed:

1200 times/ second

Signal output:


Data collection and analysis:

Supplied (computer and software is required)

Data download and printing

Support data downloaded, it needs configure the appropriate software. Supports data printing, it needs to configure the printer.

Alarm signal output:

Not supplied, it’s un-necessary

Transparency measurements:

support  (please inform seller this requirement when place Order)

Power supply:

100V to 245V AC, 50Hz~60Hz

Rechargeable battery:

Rechargeable lithium battery, battery 8.4VDC. Full charge is around tow hours (switch off instrument).


Continuous working is around 10 hours.

Power consumption: Watts


Ambient temperature:


Relative humidity:

35-85% ( No condensation water )

Environmental requirements:

No corrosive gas, oil, steam and considerable dust in the atmosphere

Product Net Weight: kg

1.6 kg

Instrument size: mm

237 * 225 * 62 mm

Product protection:

Dustproof and Waterproof design (but can’t drop-into water)

Communication interface:

RS485 interface,it can be accessed FP-2 printer, PLC or computer etc.


4Features of LGP-0510:

Instruments use portable design and compact design, small size. Weight is light, it is 1.6 kg only.

Use rechargeable lithium battery, Continuous working is around 10 hours.

Instrument is very convenient to move, suitable plant inspection.

Use laser scanning method and high-precision.

Instruments has RS485 communication interface, it can connect to PLC or computer on-line communication.

Measuring result is uninfluenced by impurity light and smog, measurement result is stability.



5LGP-0510 Product application: suitable for the following industries diameter measurement, the width and thickness measurement, ovality measurements.

Wire and cable industry: enameled wire, cutting line measurements, copper wire measurement. Electronic cable, audio/video cable. Nylon wire, plastic wire, textile wire measurements.

Wire-drawing industry: Micro wire drawing, tungsten measurements, molybdenum wire measurement etc.

Optical fiber Industry: Fiber measurements, transparent material measurements.

Hardware industry: variety of rods and shafts measurement, PCB drills measurements. Bit cutter measurements.

Medical Industry: Medical infusion tube / pipe measurements.

Other industries: on-line measurement, off-line measurement, quality inspection, other specialized measurements.

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