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Congratulations to Omega Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen official CAPE

Date:2016-3-10 17:18



OMG Technology Co., Ltd. has a non-contact detection of line industry for 15 years of professional experience in the design, production and sales team, is a professional development, production laser scanning diameter gauges, wire, ultra-fine line laser scanning diameter measurement instrument, such as online testing instruments, meters of high-tech enterprises, our company has experienced R & D team and factory, the company's philosophy is a leading science and technology lead quality



     The company's products are mainly for wire, cable diameter measurement and control; enameled wire, micro-drawing, and other ultra-fine wire diameter measurement and printing; variety of transparent and translucent glass, measure the diameter of the glass rod; various shape of the workpiece size measurement. Omega Technology Co., Ltd. has a very good overseas sales window, products exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, set up offices in Southeast Asia, in order to better provide pre-sales technical advice for foreign customers, after-sale technical service work.

     The Company: a professional team, excellence, people-oriented, customer-oriented business philosophy, determined to line diameter measurement and control cables, wire rod, wire and other industries to provide the best quality and service; to provide customers with cost-effective products.

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