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LGD-25 090524 Correction

Date:2016-4-13 17:25




Omega laser measuring diameter instrument LGD-25 Correction

First, preparatory work before correction
1) before the correction, confirm correction value "0." The display panel "status light correction values" no flashing, indicating correction value "0." If the status light flashes, indicating that the correction value is not "0." According to the product manual correction value is adjusted to "00.000" in the "0" state to be able to correct product.
2) before correction, with an alcohol swab to clean the window. Guarantee window clean, no oil, dust, water and so on.
3) Install the correct bracket, ready for volume two standard pin 1.000mm, 4.000mm. And use a clean cotton towel or clean standard rods.

Second, the principle instrument calibration
This instrument is the use of two-point linear correction (two first-line principle is, if two points are accurate, the measurement range of the instrument will 0.1000-20.000mm are accurate). Usually 1.0mm and 4.0mm standard needle linear correction amount. Referred to the size of the correction rod.

Third, the instrument calibration method
1) As shown, the correction stick right into the correct guide wheel or V-groove in the rod can not be corrected when vibration or swing.
2) Press and the display will show dPL- -
3) Press the key, and the use and enter the password "02158", then press repeatedly until all numbers are not flashing.
4) Press the key and enter the linear correction.
5) Press the key to display PL10-, stick (4.0mm rod of correction X direction)
6) Press the key to display PL11-, X direction to correct small rod (1.0mm rod)
7) Press to select correct stick, press the stick button to enter calibration. And the corresponding bar on a stick or a small correction bracket.
8) For example: press the key, the display panel displays PL10-, will stick onto the 4.0mm correction bracket. Press the key to enter the rod correction. Use and buttons to adjust its value to a great standard. If the standard 4.0mm rods put up display 03.991, this time using the up key will increase the value to 04.000. If the display is 04.010, then use the key to reduce the value reduced to 04.000. After correcting the stick, then stick a small correction, the correction method with the same stick.
9) on the stick and the stick repeatedly corrected 3-5 times until the sticks and small sticks show the exact value.
10) Press and simultaneously to exit linearity correction

1) device at the factory for accurate calibration. After the first six months to a year needed correcting.
2) When the stick correction, increase or decrease the value more slowly, because the internal calculation is performed. Small stick correction value increase or decrease is relatively rapid.

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