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2016 Shenzhen International Tool Exhibition

Date:2016-4-11 17:46


SIMMShenzhenMachineryExhibitioncuttertoolexhibition ,basedontheoveralldevelopmentofShenzhenMachineryExh ibitionandprofessionalsegments,combinedwiththeSouth Chinamarketandrequirenon-standardproductiontool,

SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition cutter tool exhibition, based on the overall development of Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition and professional segments, combined with the South China market and require non-standard production tool, a comprehensive display tool tools versatility, accuracy, efficiency, durability , high rigidity and other characteristics, according to the future market trends provide mass customized tool solutions. SIMM 16 years of development experience, has successfully built a world-class tool tool products and technology exchange platform for the industry, the future we will work together with the exhibitors, the user together towards a new era of intelligent manufacturing.

Show technical exchanges, technological innovation and new customers to promote the use of products, product maintenance and old customers feedback

Annual exhibition, won the new and old customers technical support and affirmation.


Visiting customers Industry Analysis

PCB bit cutter, cutter hardware and other industries

3D printer industry

Industrial Automation industry

Enameled wire industry

Cable Industry

Hardware accessories industry

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