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Shenzhen OMG Technology Co., Ltd. online non-contact detection industry has 20 years of experience, research and development, design, production and sales as one of the elite teams, is a professional engaged in the development and production of laser scanning diameter of the outer diameter of the measuring instrument, the jitter measuring instrument, ultra thin laser scanning diameter measurement instrument, such as line detection instruments, meters of high-tech enterprises, our company has experienced R & D team and factory, the company's philosophy is a leading science and technology lead quality, and can be custom designed automated detection scheme according to customer requirements.

   The company's products are mainly applied to a variety of workpiece diameter measurements, ovality, yaw rate, jitter measurement; measuring various workpiece dimensions width thickness. All kinds of ribbon, etc., width and thickness measurements; various pipe, bar online or offline measurement; wire diameter measurement and control cables; enameled wire, micro-drawing, and other ultra-fine wire diameter measurement and control of various transparent and translucent glass tube, glass rod diameter measurements.

   OMG Technology Co., Ltd. has a very good overseas sales window, products exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, set up offices in Southeast Asia, in order to better provide pre-sales technical advice for foreign customers, after-sale technical service work.

   The Company: a professional team, excellence, people-oriented, customer-oriented business philosophy, determined to cable, wire, wire, 3D printing supplies industries such as wire rod material diameter of the outer diameter of the beating online measurement and control, to provide the best quality and service ; to provide customers with cost-effective products.




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